Weed Free Block Paving

Suitable for drives and patios, contains special organic minerals to, inhibit weed growing, easy to use, just brush into paving joints.

  • An easy to use klin dried sand but with a weed free lasting proffessional finish
  • Weed inhibting joint sand is used for grooves in new & existing concrete pavements/patios and driveways
  • This unique compostion creates desert like and weed inhibiting conditions in grooves making it diffcult for weeds to take hold due to natural high PH value
  • The joint material has a long lifespan and can endure,many years of permeating rain without losing its weed inhibiting effect
  • No Weed is easy to use and optimised for narrow joints and patios, driveways and walking areas
  • The joint material consists of a mixture of oven-dried nutrient-poor minerals which give the product its stylish light colour